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  • Barco Ucam integrated front-end CAM stations
  • Barco Silverwriter imagesetter
  • Windows-based support workstations
  • Aptean Engenix (automated traveler generation)
  • Polar Instruments controlled impedance 2D field solver

Drill Room

  • Excellon drills
  • Posalux high speed drill
  • Resin debur machine
  • Pluritec Inspecta X-ray optimizer / High speed drill
  • Glenbrook X-ray

Print Room

  • Fully Automated Orbotech Paragon 9800i LDI
  • Maintech DFL2200 Double-roll cut sheet laminator
  • OLEC Accuprint AP30 Fine Line 8KW exposure unit
  • OLEC Accutray with automated alignment
  • Chemcut 547XL dry film developer
  • Violux/Douthitt screen production system
  • Automated environmental control system


  • TMP 4 opening vacuum lamination press
  • Excellon flash router
  • Environmentally controlled layup room
  • Bacher automated post-etch punch (4 camera alignment)

Process Room

  • MacDermid electroless line
  • IS dry film stripper
  • Chemcut 547XL etcher
  • Western Technology conveyorized tin strip line
  • Lantronics TT30 vertical Hot Air Leveler (45 degree)
  • Western Technology conveyorized pre and post-clean system
  • MacDermid Sterling Silver Line

Plating Room

  • 5 cell copper plating line with automated brightener replenishing system
  • 2 cell nickel plating line
  • Nickel / gold tab plating system
  • DOW ENIG line

Solder Mask / Nomenclature

  • Argus top/bottom spray system with I.R. tack cure
  • IS Pumiflex scrubber
  • DP1500 automated screen printer
  • Tunnel oven
  • Chemcut 547XL soldermask developer
  • Grieve ovens
  • Via plug screen tables


  • Excellon routing machines
  • AccuSystems AS-150-SE jump score machine
  • Bevelmate
  • Depanelizer

Inspection and Electrical Test

  • Camtek 3G-MS AOI with EYE-Q intelligent software
  • Mania Acceler8 scanner
  • Manie Ultim8 (1000 volt) high-speed flying probe tester (2)
  • ATG A7A Fully automated flying probe tester (NEW!)
  • ACU-GAGE coordinate measuring machine (large format)
  • Impex Scanning CMM

Plant Systems

  • Water pre-treatment plant
  • Integrated backup and fault detection compressed air system
  • 85,000 CFM make-up air system
  • Chicago Plastics mist eliminator
  • Reverse osmosis water generator with de-ionization system
  • 50 HP vacuum system
  • 50+ Windows XP shop floor movement/tracking stations
  • 3-50HP Compressors with On-Demand Smart System

Process Control Lab

  • Ionic contamination analyzer (panels and piece format)
  • Statistical process control system
  • Milton Roy spectrophotometer
  • Nikon Optiphot - 100 Microscope
  • CVS automated plating bath analyzer
  • Buehler automated cross-section equipment
  • Buehler Isomet 1000 precision saw
  • Buck atomic absorption unit (AA)
  • CMI 900 X-Ray fluorescense measurement system
  • Polar Instruments CITS500 controlled impedance tester
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