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PCB Sourcing

At Multicircuits we have a total-concept approach to offshore sourcing. To support our program, we have selected several offshore suppliers that provide the same dedication to quality, reliability and technology as we do. Before we qualify an offshore partner, we personally conduct an initial on-site audit. Once qualified, we will follow-up with scheduled annual audits. We ensure that these supply partners have the same communications, technical, engineering and quality systems in place as we do at Multicircuits.

Our model is to engineer and manufacture your parts from prototype to production domestically. In the event that larger volumes or economics impact overall product costs, moving the program offshore may be required. Nonetheless, Multicircuits maintains ownership of the product as a seamless source of supply. This means complete project management including sourcing, engineering, quality and communications issues. Customers can place orders with the assurance that we will stand behind our pledge to deliver quality products. In the event of a supply chain interruption, we offer the option to manufacture part of the order in our US factory until all issues are corrected. Our seamless, total concept approach makes working with offshore suppliers an effortless and economical process.

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