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Controlled Impedance Calculations


Multicircuits utilizes Polar Instruments software for impedance calculations as an initial method to determine points for nominal values of trace width. This powerful tool factors in best practices and the use of ideal consumables and substrates. Production processes and electronic materials may vary widely among PCB manufacturers. Working closely with your printed circuit board supplier will help ensure your designs are correct the first time.

Please send your Gerber Data with impedance targets, line widths and reference layers to our engineering staff at:

The data we provide will assist you in working more closely with Multicircuits to achieve maximum yields, at lower costs, in shorter lead-times. Processing test samples with line widths down to your minimum will enable you to estimate how yields reduce with smaller line widths which will result in better cost estimates for your customers.

Ideally you will produce panels of standard coupons and each coupon can contain a variety of impedances and structures. After completion of the test panels, you will then need to measure the actual values of impedance to ensure that your impedance test system is verified against traceable reference standards, (air lines or a calibrated set of semi rigid impedance standards). At Multicircuits we also use a Polar TDR tester to verify the coupon design to the actual boards.

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