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Technical Support Services

Beginning with your initial contact with Multicircuits, you will rapidly discover that every segment of our business is dedicated to customer support. Whether you're dealing with top management, sales, customer service, account management, engineering, technical services, quality, or manufacturing, Multicircuits is staffed to assist you in each and every way possible. Technical expertise in manufacturing, experience in supply chain alliances with a host of reputable global partners, backed by a commitment to total customer satisfaction are just a few of the many reasons our reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality printed circuit boards continues to grow.

In order to continue providing leading-edge, long-lasting products for the markets and industries we serve, Multicircuits maintains a strict focus on quality, innovation, technology, and process improvement. Our customers in the military, medical, avionics, industrial controls, and communications industries critically rely on Multicircuits' technical expertise as a reliable source of information and support. With the ongoing changes that continue to impact our industry on a global scale, we offer seminars to our customers on: lead-free manufacturing and assembly, controlled impedance, designing for manufacturability, and printed circuit board basics. Quality. Service. Support. This means customer satisfaction.

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