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Our History

Founded in 1990, Multicircuits is an experienced, technology-driven, customer-focused, electronics and electrical manufacturing company.

In 1990 the printed circuit board assets of Marquette Medical Systems, Inc were purchased and moved to Oshkosh, WI and reincorporated as Multicircuits, Inc. (Marquette Medical eventually became GE Medical).

There have been many business and industry changes since those early days in Oshkosh. The printed circuit board and electronics market enjoyed the boom during the 1990s and the decline of the new century. Many printed circuit board shops in the United States closed under the economic strain. Multicircuits has not only survived this tumultuous time, but thrived.

Over the last 15 years, Multicircuits' capital investment to expand its engineering and manufacturing capacity to provide advanced technologies to an ever-changing global economy have contributed to its success.

As other USA printed circuit board companies were resisting offshore competition, Multicircuts embraced the global marketplace to ensure that their customers have the highest quality to meet their demands. To increase its value to customers and maintain a seamless supply channel, Multicircuits has expanded its network of resources through the effective use of global sourcing.

In the future, our strategic plan is to move profitably into new markets, technologies and industries that will bring new opportunities to our customers. By gaining access to world-class capabilities, our products and services will expand naturally. As we grow, our reputation for advanced technology, quality and service will remain a priority.

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